is the Rx for healing from divorce, breakups, toxic relationships, or a broken heart. 
Indie Girls don't define ourselves by our single status and we don't need a significant other to lead a significant life. 
We focus on self-awareness, living authentically & making choices in alignment with our deepest desires;
and that just might include cultivating relationships where love, passion, intimacy, communication & respect are mutually valued and expressed. 

Join us for grounding & inspirational rituals like:
#52PickMeUp: a weekly writing ritual
DRENCH ™: a feminine workout for the soul

-practice the 4 Steps within a safe & supportive community-
-never miss a page from my personal Indie Girl Diary or my Indie Girl Dates-
-be the first to know about workshops, retreats, events & virtual activities-

(Conveniently delivered to your in-box).
Single-itis Anonymous is strictly confidential.
We respect your privacy & all contact info remains between us. 
Thanks for joining!

Welcome to our Indie Girl Community!
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